Dr. Rakeshgiri Goswami

Founder of CYWF

Dr. Rakeshgiri Goswami was born in the year 1972 with Yogic and Spiritual genes in a great ancestry lineage of Dasnami Goswami (The Pujaris of Lord Shiva Temples) established by Adhya Jagadguru Sankracharya and started his journey since childhood by imitating his ancestors practicing rituals of Lord Shiva, Yogasanas, Pranayamas, Chanting Mantras & Strotras, Meditation etc.

He started formal learning of Yoga & Scriptures (like upanisadas, Philosophis, Sreemad Bhagvad Gita.etc.) by 1992 & from many reputed Yoga Institutes, Great Saints & Sages. At the same time, he also learnt Anatomy & Physiology along with the Modern psychology.

His keenness kept him learning & updating his wisdom of Spirituality. He entered in Coaching and Teaching from 1994 with the blessing of his masters. He started serving mankind through innovative and enterprising spirit with unflinching integrity, dedication, and devotion to the science of Spirituality and Yoga.

In relation to this, he has created his own venture - Celebrate Yoga & Wellness Foundation (CYWF) in the year 1998.

He has successfully trained hundreds of Yoga teachers & Thousands of people through last 21 years in various aspects of Yoga & Spirituality and that journey is continued.


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