Dr.Rakeshgiri Goswami


Dr. Rakeshgiri Goswami was born in the year of 1972 with yogic and spiritual genes embedded in him. Hailing from an ancestral lineage of Dasnami Goswami (the great pujaris of Lord Shiva temples), established by Adhya Jagadguru Sankracharya, he began his journey quite early on. He practiced rituals of Lord Shiva, yogasanas, pranayamas, chanting and more since childhood. Dr. Rakeshgiri began his formal training of yoga and scriptures ( such as Upanishads, Shreemad Bhagavad Gita etc. in 1992 alongside courses on Anatomy, Physiology and Modern Psychology from many a reputed universities, saints and sages.

His evergreen keen attitude towards learning enabled him to avail and amass a wealth of knowledge and wisdom. Entering into the field of teaching in the year of 1994, he finally began in earnest, with an unwavering integrity, dedication and devotion, his service to mankind by the laying the foundation stone of his longtime venture, his brainchild - Celebrate Yoga and Wellness Foundation (CYWF) in 1998. 

He has successfully trained hundred of yoga teachers and thousands of individuals in the past 22 years and albeit CYWF began from humble beginnings, it is today, a beacon of innovative yoga, of dedication and hard-work.