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Founder of CYWF

Celebrate Yoga and Wellness Foundation is focused entirely on your health and wellbeing

  • Dr Rakeshgiri was born in 1972 with Yogic and Spiritual genes in a great ancestry lineage of Dasnami Goswami (The Pujaris of Lord Shiva Temples) established by Adhya Jagadguru Sankaracharya. 

  • He devoted his self from childhood by imitating my ancestors practising rituals of Lord Shiva, Yogasanas, Pranayamas, Chanting Mantras & Strotras, Meditation etc.

  • He has a vast knowledge of Yoga and the Scriptures as he learnt about all that in 1992.

  • He also pursued Anatomy & Physiology along with Modern psychology.

  • He started working as a teacher in 1994 with an innovative and enterprising spirit with unflinching integrity, dedication, and devotion to the science of Spirituality and Yoga

  • After that, He started his own venture - Celebrate Yoga & Wellness Foundation (CYWF) in the year 2020.



  • He has successfully trained hundreds of Yoga teachers & Thousands of people through the last 21 years in various aspects of Yoga & Spirituality and that journey is continued.

  • He has expertise in a plethora of areas such as Training Yoga teachers, wellness entrepreneurship, Therapeutic Yoga, Multi-style yoga (Power, Pilates, Flow), Yognidra, Lifestyle Therapy, Application of Patanjali Yogsutra in Modern Life, solar power manifestation, etc...

  • He has successfully trained hundred of yoga teachers and thousands of individuals in the past 22 years and albeit CYWF began from humble beginnings, it is today, a beacon of innovative yoga, of dedication and hard-work.

Education Qualifications



  • Yoga Grandmaster

  • N.D.D.Y. – Naturopathy & Yoga

  • Y.T.T.C. – Yoga Teachers Training Course

  • Arhatic Yogi & Pranic Healing

  • PGDGC – Counseling & Guidance

  • B.Sc. (Chemistry)

  • MSM – Marketing &Sales

  • Level-2 Cleared

  • Yoga Alliance International

  • Gandhi national open university, delhi

  • Yogniketan

  • World Pranic Healing Foundation

  • MSU, Baroda

  • MSU, Baroda

  • Bhavans

  • Lakulish Yoga

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