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Group Yoga Classes

Experience Power-Packed Practical Session

✔️Combinative Yogic Warm up.

✔️ Multi style Yoga

✔️Modified Yogasana for beginners to advanced asanas.

✔️Scientific Structured Pranayam.

✔️Psychodynamic Meditation Techniques.

And Many More....

group yoga


  •  Internationally Certified Yoga Coaches.

  • Yoga Coaches are specialized in different yogic flows.

  • Everyday unique and different yogic flow.

  • Jovial and motivating method.

  • Personal care in the group yoga session.

  • Spiritual-scientific approach.

  • Our teaching ensure maximum attendance and minimum absent

  • Vast experience in Yoga and Wellness from Last 25 Years

  • CYWF also running International and National Yoga teacher certification Courses

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