Yoga Teachers Training Course (YTTC)

This widely popular service is beneficial to everyone, no matter their age or experience level. We at Celebrate Yoga & Wellness Foundation, provides training to those who would like to gain in-depth knowledge about yoga & wellness practices and would see themselves as a future instructors. 

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Learn Yoga from basic

Learn Yogic warm up techniques

Learn Correct Alignments & Adjustment

Learn Anatomy in Yogic Perspective

Use of Props for preventing injury

Easy Techniques for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Practitioner

Master the art of sequencing

Learn Scientific Breathing Techniques and Pranayama

Learn Affirmation & Meditation Techniques

Learn how to apply the secret science of Hatha Yoga in modern days

Master the hidden application of Yoga Sutra in current life

Extensive Training Manual

100% Live, interactive online sessions

Learn the Golden Rules of teaching Yoga

Useful tips to develop Professionalism

Unique concepts of learning notes & projects

Teach Globally

Golden opportunity to learn from the Grandmaster Dr. Rakeshgiri Goswami 22years+ vast experience (Yoga, Spirituality, modern psychology, management models, Healing modalities, Vedic science and more)


Uniqueness of CYWF

First time in the history of Yoga, we are combining Yoga and Spirituality with Scientific Aristotle Model which helps to observe the Asanas, Pranayamas, Meditation & other Yogic Kriyas.

Learn 5 dimensions of Human Existence & their Application

We follow Maslow Model to identify seeker, fulfilled and provider zones of an individual.

Come and utilize each & every minute of the session.

Experience and Absorb the updates Online teaching & learning.

Let's recap the previous learning in Meditative state

Certify yourself with multitype 300 hrs. International Yoga Teacher and get authorized to teach Traditional & Modern Yoga Techniques.


Technical Methodologies of YTTC

How to sequence a class

How to work with breathing and posture to create an appropriate sequence

How to adjust

How to work with different level of students

How to cue/instruct at different level

Building Positive & Conscious communication, friendship & trust

Time Management

Qualities of a Teacher

Principles of demonstration & observation



Use of voice in class

Mental & Emotional preparation for Teaching

Class Preparation

Step by step class structure planning



Which type of certificate do you provide in yoga teachers training course?

We provide you a certificate recognized by the Yoga Alliance International which is valid all over the world. After the successful completion of the Yoga Teacher Training course, you will become a certified yoga teacher.

Are 300 hrs. enough to teach yoga?

Yes, it is enough to teach, our experienced yoga teacher will teach you and elevate you in such a way that you become inspired. After that, you cannot stay without teaching. Yes!!!! A yoga teacher is not only a teacher of techniques but a teacher of Love, Kindness and Compassion. So, come and elevate. We believe that a true yoga teacher teaches to own self first.

Being the beginner, can I enroll for online teacher training course?

Yes, it is an ideal course for beginners as well as people who are experienced. The 300-hrs online teacher training program takes you through the basics of the ancient practice and helps you to grow from there.

How the classes would be conducted online?

We bring you face to face with our teachers providing a carefully designed curriculum that deepens your experiences. All Yoga sessions either practical or theoretical will be 100% Live and interactive (No Recorded Sessions) to give personal attention to every student. And will be conducted on WebEx.

"I don't want to teach yoga. can I still register for the online teacher training program?"

Absolutely! Our online yoga training course is ideally suited for all those who wish to know more about yoga, its true essence. We welcome all who are willing to explore the secrets of this timeless practice.


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