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Meditation Certificate
Cource (MCC)

Meet online to practice Meditation at night!

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What's included?

Less Gyaan, More Experience

Learn about Spiritual Science concepts that can be practically utilised in your everyday living by most updated Internalised Models 

Meditation Anytime Anywhere

All famous, successful people have made meditation a Habit, you will too!

Connect Apnose

Meet and interact like-minded people from across the World.

Law of Synergy

Research confirmed one single meditation in group is more effective than 100 meditation alone

What will you gain?


Heal your Body


Relax your mind 


Manage your emotions and become stable


Experience sound sleep. (where body goes into autorecover mode)


5-Dimensional Existence 


Have a more Refreshing & Energetic day for more productivity. 


Reduce anxiousness and enjoy peace 


Get to know yourself better


Enjoy your Healthy Relationship


Be more confident

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Can beginners join this course?

Yes, this course is for absolutely everyone! The sessions will be conducted step by step with utmost easy way for everyone understanding.

Which platform will we meet on?

We will meet three times a week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for the entire month of July, live on Zoom webinar. We will recommend you keeping your camera on throughout the session to make the best of this entire certification course.

I suffer from chronic heath condition, Can I perform meditation?

Yes, absolutely! This course will help you relax and heal despite of your physical and  phycological health conditions.

Will we receive a certificate after completion of the course?

Yes, you will receive the participation certificate from our institute Celebrate Yoga and Wellness Foundation.

What if I miss attending any session?

We strongly recommend to attend the sessions live. For the ease in managing the schedule, we have kept the time of the sessions before bedtime and thrice a week. If you still miss any, please reach our team for the assistance.

I am a student, can I join this course?

Ofcourse! No matter what profession you are in - a homemaker,  a student, a working professional. Your age and profession has no boundaries to be the part of MCC. 

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